Ocean and Earth Training Specialists offer a range of specialised training programs that cover the mining, maritime, building, civil construction and recreation industries. Package deals and quotes for organisations are available upon request. These can be tailored to suit your needs and delivered onsite anywhere in Western Australia.

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Certificates in Construction

  • Certificates I and II Construction
  • Certificate III Civil Construction – Plant Operation

Driver Training and Assessments

  • Heavy Rigid (HR) Driver Training and Assessments (Restricted and Unrestricted)
  • Heavy Combination (HC) Driver Training and Assessments
  • Multi Combination (MC) Driver Training and Assessments
  • Four Wheel Driving (4WD) Customised Course for the Kimberley, Pilbara, Midwest and Perth

Marine Courses

  • Marine Radio
  • Restricted Coxswains
  • Elements of Ship Board Safety
  • Recreational Skippers Ticket

Safety and First Aid Training

  • White Card Construction Induction Safety Awareness Training
  • Enter and Work in Confined Spaces
  • Work Safely at Heights
  • Apply First Aid

Vehicle and Equipment Operation Training

  • License to Operate a Forklift (LF)
  • License to operate a Boom Type Elevated Work Platform Greater than 11 metres (EWP)
  • License to Operate a slewing crane up to 20 tonne (C2). This course also includes CV and CN
  • License to operate a slewing crane up to 60 tonne (C6). This course also covers CN, CV and C2
  • License to Perform Dogging (DG)
  • License to Perform Rigging (Basic)
  • License to Perform Scaffolding (Basic)
  • Plant Operations and Machinery Training
  • Excavator
  • Skid Steer Loader
  • Front End Loader
  • Grader Operations
  • Dozer Operations
  • Tip Truck Operations
  • Water Cart and Roller Operations